Week 12 Memos

## Week 12
1. Small et al make a strong case that careful study of culture can and should be a “permanent component of the poverty research agenda”. In other words, culture plays a role in explaining why people are poor. Can you recount a professional example where you observed how culture, as used by Small et al, played a role in explaining poverty?
2. Based on the first two sentences in question 1. Do you agree or disagree with Small et al that culture plays a role in explaining why people are poor? Use three points to support your position.
3. Mani et al present an altogether different reason for poverty, i.e., that economic instability reduces limited cognitive resources that leads to decisionmaking and behaviors that may reinforce poverty. Some have called this a “scarcity” argument. How do you make sense of these competing arguments – culture and scarcity? How will they inform your practice?
4. Richard Florida argues for an economic development policy based on diversity and creativity. Explain with 2-3 points why you agree or disagree with his argument. Comment specifically on how it will affect poverty.

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