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Can a cellular traffic jam ‘jam up’ learning?

Image Credit: China Daily/Reuters By Andy Gao Having a child is a joyous event for most families, but what if your precious bundle of joy didn’t develop like all of the other children? Imagine scrolling anxiously through parenting books and wondering why your baby isn’t developing the ability to walk and talk normally; why they […]

Marching to a Different Beat: No Pulse, No Problem

Image from University Health Care System By Amy McKean We have seen it in countless movies and tv shows. The protagonist walks in and sees someone they care about lying down and unresponsive. This hero immediately rushes over to see if they are alive by checking for a pulse, but that may not be enough […]

The little-known link between hearing loss and depression

Comic by Stromoski, continued below By Maryse Thomas Hearing loss is often thought of as an inevitable, harmless, and sometimes comical part of aging. However, research is increasingly linking age-related hearing loss to several other chronic health conditions, showing a need for it to be taken more seriously. These include depression, cognitive decline, dementia, diabetes, […]

Physiological Age: The Age That Matters

By Palina Piankova “You should worry about inner beauty!” Isn’t that what all mothers had to say at some point? Now, what if I told you that science agrees? Science agrees that a distinction exists between chronological age (the one marked by your birthday cake) and physiological age (determined by how well your body functions). This […]

Neuroimaging and repurposed pain killers: choice weapons against Alzheimer’s disease

comic of old man who forgot his birthday

Comic by Brian Crane, continued below By Caitlin Fowler Despite a century of research, we are still firmly in the dark when it comes to understanding Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a condition that robs us of even the simplest memories, such as our own birthday. But, what if we could easily peek into the diseased brain […]

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