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Physiological Age: The Age That Matters

-Palina Piankova- “You should worry about inner beauty!” Isn’t that what all mothers had to say at some point? Now, what if I told you that science agrees? Science agrees that a distinction exists between chronological age (the one marked by your birthday cake) and physiological age (determined by how well your body functions). […]

Neuroimaging and repurposed pain killers: choice weapons against Alzheimer’s disease

comic of old man who forgot his birthday

-Caitlin Fowler- Despite a century of research, we are still firmly in the dark when it comes to understanding Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a condition that robs us of even the simplest memories, such as our own birthday. But, what if we could easily peek into the diseased brain to shed light on which specific areas we should be targeting with drugs? Neuroimaging provides this unique window into the brain […]

What Makes Ticks Tick? Using Your Tick Encounters to Predict Lyme Disease Risk

-Jean-Paul R. Soucy- This lovely critter, no larger than a sesame seed, is a black-legged tick (Ixodes scapularis). This species’ bite is responsible for transmitting Lyme disease in most areas of Canada and the United States. […]

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