Geshe Jinpa Thupten on translating Buddhist sources of knowledge

“In some sense I’m a universalist at heart and I generally believe that any particular insight into the human condition, any particular technique for cultivating greater happiness and overcoming of suffering and making people become more rooted, grounded, and centred, that may have been developed anywhere historically in different parts of the world in different cultures should now be made available to the larger community.”

Geshe Thupten Jinpa, General Series Editor of the Library of Tibetan Classics, talks about translating classic Tibetan texts for the Western world and the challenges entailed in bringing these texts out of their cultural context.

This podcast was recorded during the 2013 Advanced Studies Institute (ASI) Conference on Mindfulness in Cultural Context. The 2014 ASI theme is “The Politics of Diversity: Pluralism, Multiculturalism and Mental Health”. For more information and to register, please visit the Division of Transcultural Psychiatry’s main site.

2 responses to “Geshe Jinpa Thupten on translating Buddhist sources of knowledge”

  1. Lozang Drolkar says:

    What a wonderful outlook. I look forward to reading more on this.

  2. vienna, 20.06.2014
    it´s a short statement by G. Thupten Jinpa Rinpoche, to give me a notion of his offering to the world – a well of knowledge, insight and methodology – and- translational and processing capabilities to bridge the diverse realities even in ASI and still any thirst by absolute compassion.

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