Stephen Snow – Ethnodramatherapy: Performance Ethnography Combined with Drama Therapy in… (ASI 2015)

Ethnodramatherapy: Performance Ethnography Combined with Drama Therapy in the Framework of Theatrical Performance
Stephen Snow, Concordia University

Ethnodramatherapy is a new methodology that integrates the art of theatre with Drama Therapy, all within the methodological context of Performance Ethnography. The latter has its roots in the groundbreaking “Performing Ethnography” work of Victor Turner. Mienczakowski, who further developed this work into his own method, “Ethnodrama,” speaks of how Turner influenced him to combine “the aesthetic assumptions of performance and the methodological and theoretical ambitions of research.” What I have added to this mix are the clinical interventions of Drama Therapy. In this way, the approach can also encompass therapeutic goals and outcomes. This presentation will explore the application of Ethnodramatherapy through case studies with marginalized populations: (1) female
adolescents under youth protection in regards to self and social perception; (2) the exploration of intimacy and sexuality in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities: (3) the lived experience of caregivers for the mentally ill. Slides and video clips will be used.

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