Vitor Pordeus – “Madness, yet there’s method in it”: For a New Biology for Mental Health (ASI 2015)

“Madness, yet there’s method in it”: For a New Biology for Mental Health
Vitor Pordeus, People’s University for Art and Science, Rio de Janeiro

Presentation of the 5 year experience of the Centre for Culture, Science and Health – Public Health Office of Rio de Janeiro City, the DyoNises Theatre, the Hotel and Spa of Madness and the People’s University for Art and Science developed in the oldest Brazilian Psychiatric Hospital, the Nise da Silveira Mental Health Institute, formerly know as Pedro II Psychiatric Centre. The hospital was named in year 2000 after the famous revolutionary Brazilian woman psychiatrist Nise da Silveira pioneered the field of art and psychiatry founding the Museum of Images of the Unconscious in 1946. It today counts with a technical archive of more than 350 thousand artworks amongst paintings, drawings, sculptures of chronic psychosis schizophrenic patients that fundament and inspire the present
experience developed mainly through the application of Dr. Nise’s scientific principles on public theatre performed with the communities of the Hospital and Rio de Janeiro’s public spaces. Our therapeutic experience relies on the theatrical collaborative methods and the production of short and long documentary films, that will be exhibited during the presentation with special attention to the last movie produced by our artistic collective: our 2014 theatrical production “Hamlet, madness yet there’s method in it”. These experiences will be put into context of the contemporary scientific revolution of biology considering the experimental and scientific work of the Brazilian immunologist Nelson Vaz and the Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana, former tutors and personal collaborators of the author.

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