Eric Jarvis on the Cultural Consultation Service

“We live in a time of mass migration and of displaced populations and receiving countries are really strained to accommodate and understand new arrivals and it is causing questions, soul-searching questions around the world. Governments and medical institutions struggle to understand how to help people.”

Dr. Eric Jarvis, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University and Director of the Cultural Consultation Service speaks about the Cultural Consultation Service (CCS). Using examples from previous patients drawn from an incredibly diverse population in Montreal, Dr. Jarvis walks us through what cultural consultation is; how it is different from the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) and Cultural Competence; why Cultural Consultation is important; how a Cultural Consultation session is conducted; what does the service achieve; and what the future holds for the Cultural Consultation Service.

Kwame McKenzie – Globalization and Mental Health

“Globalization itself, the idea of everyone connecting isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the way it’s being enacted is causing problems”

Kwame McKenzie, of the Univesity of Toronto shares his thoughts about mental health issues surrounding globalization. In a globalized economy, city centres swell as populations move from rural to urban spaces to better access opportunities, especially in low income countries. In tandem with higher urbanization there is an increased prevalence of depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and poverty, which presents a pressing mental health issue in a time of rapid social change.  Stressing the link of mental well being to economic prosperity, Dr. McKenzie advocates for a public health approach where the causes of mental health problems are addressed directly, as a better alternative to increasing services, which he feels is “a solution” but not “the solution”.

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